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Create a new identity for science charity SATRO, which inspires young people about their future careers in science and technology.
The branding was to mark the charity’s 30th anniversary and needed to attract and engage a young audience across a range of touchpoints. With a series of high-profile launches kicking off with the annual SATRO Summer Science Festival.



The resulting visual identity, based on the concept of a chain reaction, was inspired by a Heath Robinson-style machine, but modernised to reflect the types of challenges the children are often set in SATRO workshops.
The visual assets comprise of five different letters, unique in their own right, created using Cinema 4D software, representing the different STEM subjects covered. The letters were rendered as flat black and white forms to create the logo, which have a blue thread to show the ball whizzing around the letters outlining the journey of the chain reaction.

Role: Lead designer, 3D modelling, animation | Agency: Embrace